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What is better: individual or group lessons?

What is better: individual or group lessons?

When we take the first steps in learning a foreign language, we have a lot of questions. And one of the most important is how to learn it? Some people recommend individual lessons with a teacher, while others say that it is better to study in a group. Let's try to figure out what is better and which type of learning is more effective?

Individual lessons

If you have ever worked with a tutor, then you perfectly understand what this is. You and your teacher will participate in the learning process. This way of learning a foreign language is suitable for busy people with busy schedules.

Depending on the situation, you can study with a teacher offline or have lessons online. Studying online is much more convenient since you always have an opportunity to choose the best teacher and suitable time for classes.

On the Lingava platform, you can find great specialists who are ready to help you with your foreign language learning. In addition, on individual lessons, you even have an opportunity to study with native speakers, which will significantly speed up the learning process and make it more effective.

As any type of learning, individual lessons have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of individual lessons

  • Individual approach.During classes, all attention is concentrated only on you. You are the center of the entire learning process. The tutor understands what your goals are and adjusts the course to suit them. This also applies to the choice of the textbook, and the topics to be passed, and the grammar. In a group class, this is almost impossible. Of course, the teacher will take into account your wishes, but will not always be able to fulfill them. In general, the program of learning will depend on the level of the entire group.
  • Flexible schedule.You choose the time and the duration of your classes. The flexibility of the schedule helps you to plan your own time, which is an important factor for busy people. You always have an opportunity to agree, cancel or reschedule some classes. You can also add some extra classes if you, for example, have an important presentation at work or need to prepare for a meeting with your foreign partners.
  • More practice. Individual lessons are the most effective method of education since you speak almost the whole lesson. Any language needs to be learned in practice, so the result from individual learning is much higher than the result from group lessons.
  • Disadvantages of individual lessons

    One of the disadvantages of individual lessons is their cost. Individual lessons are expensive. An individual program and flexibility of the schedule will undoubtedly affect the cost of the lesson. But, as they say, the result is worth it!

    Group lessons

    For many, group lessons are associated with schooling and do not always evoke positive emotions. Although group activities also have many positive aspects.

    Advantages of group lessons

  • I'm not alone.Very often, people get bored with individual lessons, because it is not always interesting to talk only with the teacher all the time. Plus, teachers speak perfectly and students often feel inferior, because they cannot speak so fluently and beautifully. In a group where everyone is equal, they feel much better! In group classes you will be able to talk to different people with different levels of a language and realize that you are not the only one making mistakes and forgetting words.
  • Motivation.Competition has not been canceled. And it can be a great motivation in learning languages. After all, nothing stimulates a student better than knowledge and praise from another. In group studying, you see the progress of others and try to keep up with them.
  • Price.The cost of group lessons is much lower than individual lessons. The effect of group work can be no worse than the result of individual lessons. Especially if all participants of the group have the same language level.
  • Disadvantages of group learning.

    The main disadvantage of group lessons is that the teacher's attention is shared with everyone. You get less attention and you may miss something or not understand. This means that the effectiveness of such studying is rather low.

    Also, each group has its own learning pace. It can be low or high. As a result, you may find yourself lagging behind or, on the contrary, bored and annoyed by the slowness of the rest.

    So, the choice is yours!

    Decide on purpose and resources, and find out exactly what you want. What is more important for you, a result or a price? And remember, you have already learned your native language, so you will cope with a foreign one too!

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