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First Steps to Start Learning Foreign Languages

First Steps to Start Learning Foreign Languages

Have you decided that you want to learn English, German or maybe Chinese? Good idea! But how to start doing it? To buy lots of books, to take courses, or to look for a personal tutor?

Very often, for a student, and especially for an adult, learning a foreign language may seem a difficult and sometimes even impossible task. How can you start learning a new language without feeling so helpless?

Why do I need it?

Well, first of all, you need to set a goal. What do I want? Options like : "everyone teaches", "fashionable", "good prospects" - are not suitable for us. This way, you will give up quickly without even taking the first step. You must be personally interested in learning the language. It should become a necessity for you! Only this motivation will give you the strength and confidence to overcome the first and most difficult steps.

Just think about why you really need a foreign language? Do you want to sing songs in French, have an easy and casual conversation in German or, maybe,you want to impress your boss with your English knowledge?

This will be your true motivation! This is the only way you will have a real incentive to learn and overcome language difficulties.

Who can help me?

So, the goals are more or less clear. What to do next? Run to the store for books or sign up for classes at the nearest language school?

First decide what way of learning will be the most convenient for you: in a group, individually with a teacher or on your own.

The best variant for those who are going to learn a language from the very beginning is classes with a teacher. You need a mentor who can explain how the language works and help you to build a solid foundation of your knowledge. The teacher is your partner, who will help you to start speaking and build sentences correctly. He will be able to explain even the most difficult grammar to you in a very simple way. An experienced teacher will also give you the correct pronunciation and teach you to comprehend speech by your ears.

In the Lingava system, you can easily find an experienced teacher who will help you in learning a foreign language. Also, you can independently invite your mentor to work on this platform. This is very convenient, as you will have all the tools for productive work on hand. In addition, you can always adjust your schedule and reschedule the lessons to a more convenient time. Individual work with a teacher in the Lingava system always gives good results!

How often should you practice?

Regardless of the choice of your classes, you will be faced with the question: "How many times a week do you need to study?" Of course, the more time you devote to learning, the faster you will achieve the desired result. But take it easy. After all, forcing yourself to practice every day can have the opposite effect and you will hate the language. The best option is to study with a teacher or in a group twice a week for an hour and a half.

In addition, try to devote at least half an hour a day to independent work. The teacher's job is to help and guide you, to show you more effective methods of language learning. And the results of your work depend only on you!

Keep a diary!

The habit of writing down questions and making notes while learning the language on your own will help you a lot. First, you can discuss your "painful moments" with the teacher and clear them up. Secondly, you will have a great opportunity to track your progress and refresh your knowledge from time to time with the help of a diary.

These are the most important points you should pay attention to when you start learning a language.

We hope our tips will help you to take the first steps in learning a foreign language and you will definitely succeed! Don't forget that it takes a long time to achieve mastery in any work. Don't put your desires on a shelf. Start learning a foreign language today!

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