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Online courses from the general picture or pdf document to a professional training course, made by an instructor
Everything a teacher needs is on
Everything a teacher needs is on

Eruditly Features

You don’t need to use anymore

and many other similar apps...

...because now you have Eruditly

The Eruditly platform will easily replace all of the tools that are often used for online learning by teachers and students.

All in one e-learning tool

Chats with students
A teacher and a student can connect not only during the lesson, but at any moment they find convenient.
Courses constructor
You can easily create and constantly update your own instructional course.
Your own schedule
A teacher can place students in his schedule as he sees fit.
Video call
A video call will help you to understand your student better, notice his emotions and help him as if you were near him.
Interactive documents
Any image or pdf document will become interactive. You will be amazed by how simple and efficient using Linagava can be.
Library of the teaching materials
Any file, once uploaded into a system, can be found in the Study materials library.
Personal dictionary
Every student has a personal dictionary that can be updated with new terms right in the middle of the lesson.
Shared whiteboard with a student
You can see all the actions of your student, just as he can see yours. It’s like sitting next to him.
Exercise constructor
In every lesson you can easily create interactive exercises with multiple choices.

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Start using Eruditly in
3 simple steps

Step 1
Сreate account in Eruditly

In a few easy steps you can create your own office in the system.

Step 2
Upload materials on the whiteboard

Create a lesson in a schedule and make it ready to plug the student in.

Step 3
Invite your student to the lesson

Right after the lesson is created you can schedule a lesson in the calendar or you can invite a student to a lesson via a direct link.

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